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Chiapeta Agricultural Enterprise


Since the XIX Century, Chiapeta Pioneers have been developing rural activities. Started in the early 1970’s, Chiapeta Agricultural Corporation raised its agricultural production with expertise on forage and soybeans seed, focusing in quality. Nowadays assisted by new Agronomists improved in North America, European countries and China.


Our goal is to achieve sustainable management in agricultural production and environmental stewardship, reinvesting the income in the Company workforce for the social community, environment benefits for the rural area with integrity and work ethics.

Investments in new and efficient production capacities are also important to the local communities where we operate, and we always engage in dialogue with local residents and authorities when new projects are planned. These investments will ultimately create jobs much more into our local communities, starting from the early stages. Chiapeta Family Farms support sports and healthy lifestyles for school-age children, as well as school programes, to encourage the study. At the college and university level, we provide scholarships and professional career tracks, as well as direct investments in vocational colleges in the region where we work.


The headquarter is located at Ijuí-RS Brazil, as well there are offices in Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo.

From rural origins, we dedicate our lives to agricultural production and activities, being members and attending on Meetings, Workshops and Congresses of the main organizations linked to the Ag sector.

Our Business is Agriculture, for over 40 years.

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